MCX Gateway

MCX Gateway is an advanced IT system used for processing payment transactions, in which transactions and card’s data are absolutely secure. Certified with PCI DSS Certificate of Compliance. It is built with specialized modules, highly customizable fueling innovation.



MCX Gateway is a cloud platform, thus accessible at all times from any location. It is very flexible and open solution with no limit to use all its features and functionalities but also to create customized ones. A System which does not limit innovation. Check it out!


Various acquirers, different EFT POS vendor

MCX Gateway offers independence and freedom to choose any acquirer and any pos terminal. It is a unique quality of this system that it allows for integration between paying devices of a different class, and systems of the various billing agent.

MCX Gateway supports devices from Ingenico, Verifone, and Bluebird.

Value Added Services (VAS)

MCX Gateway is a flexible solution, providing various value-added services, such as, e.g.:


User/Merchant Portal

A web application for users, linked with MCX Gateway grants online access to:


MCX Gateway (Payment Gateway) has been designed to meet the highest security standards:

Benefits for the MCX Gateway users: